Announcing the Cuarantine 5K – A Virtual Race to Raise Money for Give Kids the World

Want to donate to Give Kids the World? Fill out this form!

Hey everyone! We’ve been pretty delinquent in updating the website but we’ve been reading your comments, e-mails, and know you’re listening. Thanks so much and we really appreciate everyone’s support!

Wanted to drop a quick note and announce a very exciting chance to do something good. Our last episode was about Give Kids the World, an awesome charitable organization that works with Make a Wish and other charities that sponsor once in a lifetime trips for kids affected by life-threatening illnesses. Give Kids the World runs the resort where most of these kids stay during their dream trips.

Introducing the Cuarantine Cay 5K

Steve from DCL Podcast, Brian from DCL Duo, and Dennis from Podcast Stardust had an awesome idea about doing something positive while many of us are social distancing at home. In partnership with those podcasts, MouseGen, and Rope Drop Radio – Disney Deciphered is happy to announce our participation in the Cuarantine Cay 5K!

You can listen about it here on the latest episode of Disney Deciphered, or read below.

Here are the details:

Who: All the above Disney podcasts and Youtubers plus hopefully you!

What: A virtual 5K race on Memorial Day Weekend – run 5K anytime during the weekend wherever you are and wherever you can! Note: you don’t have to run – feel free to walk/bike/whatever!

When: Memorial Day Weekend

Where: Your neighborhood

Why: To raise money for Give Kids the World

If you’re a regular listener, you know I had to withdraw from the runDisney half marathon this past January. I’m excited to do a virtual “runDisney” (note: not sponsored by runDisney) race this Memorial Day Weekend to run for a cause.

How do you sign up? Simple, just e-mail us disneydeciphered AT gmail DOT com or tweet at us or leave a note on our Facebook page! Then, on race weekend, we’d love to see your pictures on social media with the hashtag #cuarantinecay5K.

running with mask
Running with a mask isn’t ideal, but it’s doable!

Disney Deciphered will match up to $600 in donations to Give Kids the World

Leslie and I are excited to run/walk this race, but we’re more excited to have the chance to raise money for Give Kids the World.

Disney Deciphered will match up to $600 in donations to Give Kids the World. You can donate here, than just let us know how much you donated – we’ll take it on the honor system and match those donations.

But it gets better. Shawn Coomer, from Miles to Memories and the Disney Hacks podcast will also match up to $600 in donations (Joe records the Miles to Memories podcast with him). So your donations will triple in value.

So please, consider running and donating and fill out this pledge form.

We’re super excited to do this and hope you’ll be able to join. Shout out to Give Kids the World for the amazing work that they do.

P.S. – DCL Duo is selling t-shirts, the proceeds go to Give Kids the World and those proceeds will be matched, too! Find them here.



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