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Reasons You Should Visit Walt Disney World (Ep. 98)

Although Walt Disney World is the most visited destination in the United States, a lot of people still may be on the fence about whether a Walt Disney World vacation is worth the money, time, and stress. Even with a great plan, visiting Disney World can feel like a big burden. But we still think Walt Disney World is a great place to visit for vacation. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider visiting Walt Disney World.

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Reasons Disney World Vacations are Worth It

1. A Walt Disney World Vacation is great for all ages

First and foremost, we love visiting Walt Disney World because it’s the ultimate family destination. It’s one of the few places in the world where babies and grandparents can vacation together with neither group having to compromise much in terms of comfort and entertainment.

Walt Disney World and all the Disney parks have been designed with families and extended families in mind. Attractions like Dumbo and It’s a Small World appeal to all ages, the entertainment can be enjoyed by anyone, and the overall magic and wonder in the parks washes over everyone. It’s one of the few places where we know everyone can have a magical time.

Fantasyland Little Mermaid

2. Disney parks are clean and safe

Part of the reason Walt Disney World and the Disney parks work so well for families is because the parks are incredibly clean and safe. Disney takes great care in keeping its parks in great condition and also in taking care of guests when things outside of Disney’s control affect the guest experience.

You’ll rarely see a piece of trash on the ground at Disney. If you do, set a stopwatch because it won’t be there for long! Disney has also upped its security in recent years and takes great pride in keeping the parks as safe as possible.

Cleanliness and safety means you can relax more on your vacation – it’s one less thing to worry about. Nowhere is completely safe or perfectly clean, so please stay prudent, but Disney is as good as it gets.

3. Disney pays great attention to the little details

Disney Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Stormtroopers

One reason Disney keeps its parks clean and safe is its attention to detail. Details like the distance between trash cans (about 30 feet) speak to cleanliness, but other details like blaster damaged walls in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge speak to Disney’s love of storytelling.

When you visit the Disney parks, it’s these little details that really add up to make it a magical experience. It might be the hidden Mickey your child notices or the kind gesture (“pixie dust”) you receive from a cast member. It’s the little things that sets Disney World apart from other theme parks, and little things add up quickly when you’re on vacation at Disney World.

4. Disney can inspire a love for travel

Another reason we love visiting Walt Disney World, and specifically Epcot’s World Showcase, is because of Disney’s ability to inspire a love for travel. If you can survive a trip to Disney World, you’ve dealt with logistic difficulties that have prepared you to travel all over the world!

Epcot China Pavilion

And the World Showcase at Epcot really can be an inspiration for would be travelers. Each of the eleven pavilions represents a different country in the world and provides a fairly authentic depiction. Disney even staffs these pavilions with cast members from each respective country, keeping things authentic but also accessible to the average visitor. Traveling around World Showcase really feels like a mini world tour and inspires us to get out and see that world more when we’re not visiting Disney.

5. Disney theme parks transport you to a different world

The last reason we love Walt Disney World vacations is because visiting Disney World is like being transported to a different world. Almost every part of Walt Disney World has a story to tell. These stories are told through the painstaking craftsmanship of the Imagineers who designed each section of the park, to the stories that inform the attractions, to the positivity and good will that the cast members bring.

This has always been true of the Disney parks, but in the last few years Disney has really changed the game for theme parks. Starting with Pandora at Animal Kingdom, through Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, and culminating with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, Disney has really changed what an immersive theme park can look like.

Pandora World of Avatar - Waterfalls and animals

Each of these lands feels like you’ve been transported somewhere else, the sights and sounds you see give you the feeling you’ve left Florida altogether. (Though the heat is a swift reminder!) Disney’s three newest lands are some of the best designed theme park attractions and lands in the world – make sure you don’t miss them!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we believe Disney World is a great place to visit for all the reasons outlined above. It’s not perfect, but no vacation destination is. And as far as vacation destinations go, Disney gets far more right than it does wrong.

But those are just our reasons, we’d love to hear why you love visiting Disney World in the comments!

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  1. I’ve visited Disney World at least four times with my family since 2013. It’s the best vacation we’ve ever had. My wife and two sons love the food, parks, and atmosphere. I enjoy getting away and relieving my mind of my responsibilities in life. I get to meet people from around the world, sleep late, and stay up all night long. It’s my favorite place to visit. It’s a permanent stop ? for our family for generations to come.

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