Episode 13 – Beginner’s Guide to Fastpass+

Walt Disney World’s Fastpass+ system provides a great way to cut down wait times for popular rides. On this episode of Disney Deciphered we discussed how to use Fastpass and the best ways to maximize your Fastpass reservations. Fastpass can save you a lot of time and stress; listen to our guide to Fastpass at Disney World in the episode or read below to see how!

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Learn how to master Disney World's Fastpass+ system in this beginner's guide to Fastpass. #disneyworld #disney #disneysmmc #fastpass

What is Fastpass+?

Any guest with a Walt Disney World ticket automatically receives three Fastpass+ reservations included with the cost of their ticket. When you make a Fastpass reservation for an attraction, you receive a one hour time window.

When you arrive at the attraction within that time window, you can tap your magic band or ticket card on a tap point and enter the Fastpass+ line. The Fastpass+ line is much, much shorter than the general standby line in most circumstances.

When can you make your Fastpass+ reservations?

Any guest with a ticket can make Fastpass reservations 30 days in advance. Guests staying at an on-site Disney hotel or staying at one of Disney’s partner hotels (not to be confused with Good Neighbor hotels) can make Fastpass reservations across the length of their entire stay 60 days in advance.

That means, in practice, you can book a little more than 60 days in advance since the Fastpass booking window opens for your entire stay at 60 days from the first day. Do note, you can only make Fastpass reservations in advance when you have a valid ticket media associated with your account, so be sure everything is linked in My Disney Experience.

How to make Fastpass+ reservations

You can make Fastpass+ reservations for everyone in your party. Before you go about securing Fastpass reservations, make sure you have added your entire party as family and friends in My Disney Experience. Then double check you have linked your ticket media.

If you’ve done both those things, at your 30 (or 60) day window, you can make three Fastpass reservations at a single park in advance. You can either do this through My Disney Experience on your computer or your mobile phone, whichever you prefer. You can also ask the concierge at your Disney hotel to help if you have problems. Finally, each park has designated Fastpass+ kiosks that you can use if need be.

Learn how to master Disney World's Fastpass+ system in this beginner's guide to Fastpass. #disneyworld #disney #disneysmmc #fastpass

Can you get more than three Fastpass+ reservations per day?

Initially, you can only make three Fastpass+ reservations at ONE park. Once you have used all three Fastpass reservations, you can make a fourth Fastpass reservation at ANY park. You can either do this using the kiosks in the parks or on your My Disney Experience app on your phone.

Using the “refresh” strategy to get hard to get Fastpass+ reservations

One strategy we like to use is the “refresh” strategy. Essentially, when you search for Fastpass+ reservations on your phone, you can “refresh” your search by swiping down or switching the time you are searching. Whether it’s a technical glitch or something else, if you do this persistently you will often see Fastpass reservations open up for hard to get rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Frozen Ever After. See the image below for exact instructions.

Learn how to master Disney World's Fastpass+ system in this beginner's guide to Fastpass. #disneyworld #disney #disneysmmc #fastpass
The Fastpass refresh technique

Using rider switch to minimize wait times in line for a family

Finally, one Fastpass trick we like to use is combining Fastpass with rider switch. Rider switch allows for a parent or guardian to wait outside the ride with a child that’s too young while another adult rides the ride. Then, the second adult can ride once the first is done.

When you enter the queue, ask for a rider switch pass and point out your family members who are waiting. You will be given a lanyard that you exchange with the cast member before you get on the ride for a rider switch ticket. That ticket is good for any three individuals to enter the Fastpass+ line later.

You can use rider switch on rides you have Fastpass+ reservations for, so if used wisely rider switch can save a LOT of wait times.

Learn how to master Disney World's Fastpass+ system in this beginner's guide to Fastpass. #disneyworld #disney #disneysmmc #fastpass
Rider switch lanyard

Episode Description

Disney World’s Fastpass+ system comes included with the price of your ticket, so Leslie and Joe take a look at the basics of the system in this beginner’s guide to Fastpass. We go through the basics of how to make and use Fastpass reservations, while delving into some slightly more advanced techniques to help minimize your wait times in line. While there’s a LOT more to be said about Fastpass+, this primer should be enough to get you started!

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Episode Notes

Disney World Fastpass+ tips and tricks

Using rider switch at Walt Disney World

Complete list of Disney resorts and partners with 60 day Fastpass+ availability (Touring Plans)

1:22 – What IS Fastpass+?

2:45 – How early can you make a Fastpass reservation and how do you make them?

6:05 – The benefits of a Disney travel agent

7:09 – How to use a fourth Fastpass (floating fourth)

8:51 – Our personal Fastpass strategies

11:44 – The Fastpass “refresh” technique

13:18 – Utilizing rider switch (child swap) to save time in line

16:17 – Our favorite rides to Fastpass in each of the four parks

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  1. Totally agree with Joe that Seven Dwarfs mine train is overrated. Fun, but not as good as the long lines and difficult fast passes would lead you to believe.

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