Episode 17 – Must pack items for your Disney World vacation

Whenever you’re headed to Walt Disney World, you’re always going to have to pack. So what are MUST pack items for Disney World when you’re visiting Orlando? On this episode of Disney Deciphered, Leslie and Joe reviewed their essential packing lists for Disney World. From portable chargers to ponchos, we’ve got you covered.

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When packing for Disney World, you can save a lot of time and stress by making sure you pack some simple items. Here’s our essential packing list for Walt Disney World.

Sun protection

Florida, obviously, is very sunny! So make sure you pack that sunscreen in your suitcase or carry on (under 3.4 oz). Sunscreen at Disney World can be very overpriced so it’s important to remember to pack this essential item.

Sometimes we like to use GoToobs, nice 3 oz. flexible lotion carriers. This keeps things carry on size if you’re not checking bags. Don’t forget hats as well to protect from the sun.


Count on sun in Florida and also count on a ton of rain. Ponchos on sale at Disney World are nice, but can run you more than you might like to pay. Make sure to purchase ponchos beforehand or at least pack the ponchos you bought on your previous Disney trips!

Don’t make the mistake we’ve made: leaving your ponchos in your hotel room! Carry your ponchos with you at all times, it can pour for ten minutes and then be bright and sunny in an instant.

Weather appropriate clothing

Moisture wicking clothing is best. Between the heat and humidity, Splash Mountain, and those thunderstorms, you want to stay dry. We recommend clothes that are cool and comfortable, and layers in the winter.

Comfortable shoes

Guests at Walt Disney World do a lot of walking. It’s imperative that you pack comfortable shoes – and then a second pair! Make sure your shoes have been broken in beforehand too. Blisters can really kill your Disney vacation.

Why bring two pairs? Well, when your first pair is soaked through you’ll want a spare. Otherwise you end up in a situation like this:

Portable chargers

In this day and age, almost everyone uses their smartphone at the park. You’ll take pictures, use the My Disney Experience app, and text with your friends and family constantly. So if you don’t already, make sure you bring a portable charger to Disney World! You don’t want to be caught without a a battery and your battery will drain fast at Disney!

Episode Description

Wondering what to pack for your Disney World vacation? We’ve got you covered in today’s episode, where Leslie and Joe discuss their must pack items for Walt Disney World. Our list is aimed to make your overall Disney experience more enjoyable – and you probably will save money in the process! Be sure to stay tuned until the end for our new segment – Disney dos and don’ts!

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You can also e-mail us at disneydeciphered AT gmail DOT com. Connect with Leslie @TripswithTykes on social media and Joe @asthejoeflies.

Episode Notes

Joe’s must pack Disney items

Leslie’s must pack Disney items

0:57 – Joe and Leslie’s packing fails

3:59 – Essential packing items for Disney World. Also Joe pronounced Goob Tube wrong, it’s GoToob!

4:32 – Sun protection

6:26 – Ponchos

8:35 – Weather appropriate clothing

12:00 – Our preferred portable chargers

16:02 – Grocery delivery tips

18:04 – New segment! Disney dos and don’ts


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