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Episode 54 – Best Military Discounts at Walt Disney World

Members of the United States Armed Forces and their friends and family can take advantage of a lot of various military discounts that Disney has to offer. In this episode of the podcast we discussed the best deals available to military families, when military discounts may or may not save you the most amount of money, and more with Renee Virata from Tales of One Mom’s Mess. Here’s what you need to know about military discounts at Disney World.

Military discounts at Walt Disney World, from hotels to theme park tickets to Memory Maker and more. If you have a member of the armed forces in your family, learn about all the deals plus explore Disney's Shades of Green Resort. #disneyworld #militarydiscounts #disneydeciphered

The Disney Armed Forces Salute Discount

The Disney Armed Forces Salute discount is available to a variety of people associated with the military including active service members. Renee covers everything you need to know about the discounts in her well written and extensive post here. We’ll just cover the broad strokes in today’s post.

Ticket Discounts

Eligible armed forces members get some pretty awesome ticket discounts. Before tax, eligible military can buy 4 day park hoppers for $241 before tax and 5 day park hoppers for $257. They can also add on the park hopper plus option to either of those tickets for $50. That’s close to 50% off of regularly priced tickets, without any date based pricing changes!

You can buy these tickets for yourself, family, and friends at any ticket office on a military base, at the Shades of Green Resort, or at the Disney ticket gates. You can also purchase them by calling Shades of Green but will be charged a small shipping fee.

Note that all tickets except those purchased at Shades of Green must be activated at Disney World before use and all guests must be with the eligible military member at the time.

Hotel Discounts

Disney Yacht and Beach - Yacht Club Exterior

Hotel discounts vary and are subject to the general laws of supply and demand. You can receive up to 30% off for value resorts, 35% off for moderates, and 40% off for deluxe resorts. To book these discounts you have to call Disney directly or use a travel agent.

Note that since these discounts fluctuate based on supply and demand, you may come out ahead with discounts Disney’s offering the general public. It’s also worth it to compare with travel agency exclusives. For what it’s worth, Renee said on the podcast that she usually can find a rate she’s happy with using the military discount.

Shades of Green

Shades of Green Resort
Shades of Green (Photo courtesy Renee Virata.)

One option that’s only available to military is Shades of Green, a separate resort right across the street from the Polynesian. It’s basically a deluxe resort that military families can have for moderate prices. The price depends on your rank but all the prices are excellent.

In January and September, non-retired inactive military and select DOD civilians can also book the resort. So Shades of Green is a great option for a lot of veterans who didn’t serve long enough to officially retire.

You can expect great pools and rooms at the resort and the walk to the monorail at the Polynesian can’t be beat. You also get 60 day Fastpass+ reservations, but you do not get Magical Express and Shades of Green runs its own bus services to the parks. But again, you can just walk across the street to the Polynesian.

Miscellaneous Discounts

There are also a few miscellaneous discounts worth highlighting.

  • Memory Maker, $98 plus tax (42% off advance purchase price)
  • Discounted Halloween party and Christmas party tickets on select dates ($56.25 and $71.50 respectively in 2018)
  • Various dining and shopping discounts at Disney Springs

Memory Maker and the special ticketed events represent a great savings for military families. In terms of Disney Springs discounts, remember, it never hurts to ask if they have a military discount (a tip we learned from Renee!) You never know what might be available!

Are there any big military discounts that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Episode Description

Are you, your family, or close friends a member of the United States military? In today’s podcast we review the best military discounts at Disney World with Renee Virata, a longtime military family member and writer of Tales of One Mom’s Mess. Find out how to get the best ticket and hotel discounts and learn all about Shades of Green – including when non-active military members can stay there!

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Episode Notes

Renee’s post on Disney’s Armed Forces Salute discount

Military Discounts at Walt Disney World

1:22 – Renee and her family’s military background

2:15 – The best Disney deal for military right now (Disney’s Armed Forces Salute)

3:06 – Eligibility for military discounts

6:14 – Hotel discounts available for military

10:04 – Shades of Green, who can stay, how much it costs, and when non-active military can stay

12:15 – Impressions of Shades of Green, pros, cons, benefits, drawbacks

14:58 – Miscellaneous military discounts

17:55 – Disney Do’s and Don’ts


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3 thoughts on “Episode 54 – Best Military Discounts at Walt Disney World”

  1. Hi guys,

    I found your podcast last week and love it. I have been spending the past week trying to get caught up and really love this episode. We’re a military family, both me and my husband served, so this was great to hear. I’m a Disney nut and have been talking our girls annually to Disneyland since 2016 but decided on Disney World to avoid the Star Wars crowds. Anyway, all of your awesome tips will really help our August trip.
    Thank you!

  2. A few notes regarding the Armed Forces Salute tickets – first, there’s a limit of six tickets that can be purchased by the servicemember. You can’t just buy them for anyone & everyone. Also, this great discount runs from year to year & is not guaranteed to be renewed by Disney the following year. They usually announce the resort & ticket discounts the end of September for the following year (2020 was the exception due to COVID). Also, the tickets expire around the 16th of Dec & there’s been blackout dates in some years, so that’s always a possibility. Check before purchasing. Steve, at, posts the information as soon as he gets it.

    There’s also more military discounts available. Many restaurants & shops at Disney Springs offer discounts. House of Blues, for instance, gives a 25% discount with valid military ID.

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