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Episode 60 – Should you use a Disney travel agent?

Today we took a look at whether you should book your Disney vacation using a Disney travel agent. We chatted with Patty Holliday of No Guilt Life who happens to be a runDisney focused travel agent. On the podcast we discussed the ins and outs of how Disney travel agents can help you plan your Disney vacation and why you might want to consider using one!

In this post we’ll talk about what we think are the pros and cons of using a Disney travel agent.

Should you use a travel agent for your next Disney World vacation? Explore the pros and cons like whether you will save money and get tips for using a travel agent most effectively. #disneyworld #disneydeciphered #travelagent

Should you use a Disney travel agent? Pros and cons

Although we here at Disney Deciphered like to plan our own trips, there are lots of pros to using a travel agent to plan your Disney vacation. If you’re not a control freak like us (or maybe even if you are), here are some pros and cons to booking through a Disney travel agent and some tips for finding the right one!

Travel agents don’t cost you any extra money (pro)

One of the most important things to understand up front is that Disney travel agents won’t cost you any extra money. While some travel agencies might offer extra services for a fee, booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent is completely free to you. The travel agent’s get their commission from Disney directly.

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Travel agents can help you find the best deal (pro)

There are always deals to be found at Disney World, but it isn’t always the easiest to find them. That’s where a good Disney travel agent comes in. Not only should a good travel agent know what discounts are available for your travel dates, they also will do the tough work of staying on hold with Disney to help book your Disney vacation. Even if the discounts are bookable online, your travel agent will deal with Disney’s notoriously finicky website – not you.

Travel agents can book deals not yet available to the public (pro)

Our guest on this episode, Patty, specializes in runDisney trips. One advantage of using a travel agent is they can often book things not yet available to the public. For example, hotels and entries for the races on Marathon Weekend aren’t yet available to the public, but travel agents get special booking windows where they can help you book. So if you find a good travel agent you trust, they can help you book your vacation earlier than you’d be able to on your own.

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You’ll often book a package with a travel agent, which has a stricter cancellation policy (con)

One drawback to booking with a travel agent is that you’ll often end up booking a package. Although you can book a la carte via a travel agent, the reality is you might just end up booking a package to make things easier. If you’re staying on site, that means your cancellation date is 30 days before your trips, not 5. We don’t like that kind of inflexibility when planning our Disney vacations.

Tips for finding a travel agent that works well with your style

The best advice we can give is to have a discussion with your travel agent before you commit to working with them. You’ll want to know when they are available to chat and how hands on they can (or will) be. You might want to do most of the work yourself and just need someone to help you make some calls. Or, you might be willing to pay extra to have someone walk you through the process.

Either way, make sure you get to know your agent. Don’t be afraid to try different ones until you find one you trust.

But of course, remember that all Disney travel agents are working hard to make your vacation as magical as possible, so be sure to show them your appreciation!

Episode Description

Should you use a Disney travel agent? Patty Holliday from No Guilt Life swings by the podcast to talk the benefits of using a Disney travel agent, what travel agents can do for you, and how to find a travel agent that best fits your Disney needs. She also continues the runDisney peer pressure and the worst part about being a Disney travel agent.

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Episode Notes

If you’re looking for a travel agent, you can contact Patty.

3:05 – Cost of using a Disney travel agent

4:55 – What qualifications does someone need to become a Disney travel agent?

9:02 – What can a Disney travel agent do for you?

13:45 – How to find a travel agent that fits your Disney vacation planning needs

17:07 – The worst part of being a Disney travel agent

20:05 – Disney do’s and don’ts

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