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Episode 62 – How to Deal with Disney Withdrawal

Whenever we get home from our Disney trips we experience the phenomenon of Disney withdrawal. It’s tough not to miss the magic of Disney World! In today’s episode, we take a look at six ways to help combat Disney withdrawal. Got tips for how to beat Disney withdrawal? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Is your Disney World vacation over, leaving you with serious Disney withdrawal? Tips and tricks for dealing with missing Disney in between trips. #disney #disneydeciphered #disneyworld

Best ways to deal with Disney withdrawal

When you get home from your trip, it can be pretty tough to deal with Disney withdrawal. You might find yourself just staring off into space wishing you were back in the Magic Kingdom or find yourself feeling a bit grumpier than usual. Don’t let Disney withdrawal get the best of you. Use these tips and ideas to keep the magic going at home!

Watch some Disney films

One of the best ways to keep the magic going at home is by watching Disney films. This will especially help your kids as they deal with Disney withdrawal; you can enjoy the Disney films together as you reminisce about your trips. Put on your favorite Disney movies and spend a couple of nights getting back into the regular swing of your normal routine. We’ll also put a Disney movie on in the background as we unpack – multitasking!

Organize your photos and make a photo album

Memory Maker Magic Shot Olaf

An important part of your Disney vacation is organizing your photos after you get home. Make sure you dedicate some time to this task (and definitely do it sooner rather than later if you have Memory Maker so your photos don’t expire!). That way, in the years ahead, when you look back you’ll be able to easily find your favorite photos.

This is another great task to do with your family so you can think back on the trip together. Sure, the memories might be a little bittersweet since you’re not at Disney anymore, but you can enjoy thinking about all the fun you had as you organize your pictures.

Cook some Disney inspired food

It’s tough not to smile when you eat Mickey shaped waffles or pancakes. Even though you’re home, you can still keep some Disney in your every day life by cooking Disney inspired foods. There are great ideas on Pinterest, but even if you’re not culinarily inclined, it’s pretty simple to get some Mickey shaped molds. As an added benefit, Disney inspired food you cook at home is way cheaper than what you get in the parks!

For the culinary beginners among us, check out Leslie’s Mickey Mouse Trail Mix recipe – no actual expertise in the kitchen required!

Disney Food - Mickey Mouse Trail Mix

Listen to Disney podcasts

Another thing we love to do to combat Disney withdrawal is to listen to our favorite Disney podcasts. Besides Disney Deciphered (of course!), we love listening to the Disney Dish with Jim Hill and Len Testa and Backside of Magic. We also will sometimes listen to the DISunplugged and WDW Prep to Go. No matter what Disney podcast you enjoy, keep the magic going by listening to them after you get home.

Plan your next Disney trip (or help a friend!)

The ultimate way to deal with Disney withdrawal is, of course, to plan your next trip! Once we have dates in mind for our next trip we find that the pain of Disney withdrawal slowly but surely fades away. Of course, if a trip to Disney in the future doesn’t fit your schedule or budget, you can help friends as they plan their trips and live vicariously through them.

One thing we love about recording the podcast is interacting with you, the listener, as you plan your trips. Helping others enjoy Disney (or planning a trip for yourself) is always a surefire way to help deal with Disney withdrawal.

Episode Description

Have you ever experienced Disney withdrawal? It’s often a rude awakening to get home after your magical Disney vacation and re-entry can be tough! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some ideas for how to handle your Disney withdrawal and bring some of that Disney magic into your home!

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Episode Notes

2:17 – Plan your next trip

5:18 – Plan your friends trips

7:35 – Watch some Disney movies

9:41 – Make some Disney inspired food

11:30 – Make a photo album from your trip

14:18 – Listen to Disney podcasts

17:58 – Disney dos and don’ts

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