Liberty Square Guide

Ep. 70 – Liberty Square Guide

We continue our in depth land by land overviews with our Liberty Square guide. What do we think of the attractions, food options, and what are the best photo ops? Also, why do we think Liberty Square has some of the best merchandise in the Disney parks? All that and more on this episode of Disney Deciphered!

Complete guide to Liberty Square in Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Tips for attractions, the best food and restaurants, and a guide to the character meet and greets. #magickingdom #disneyworld #libertysquare #disney

Attractions in Liberty Square

Liberty Square has three attractions, though probably only one that most Disney fans rate. That being said, it’s a great place to relax and escape heat or rain, plus there’s a lot for you and your kids to learn! So let’s start by taking a look at the attractions available.

Current Attractions

  • Hall of Presidents: This 25 minute long show is a celebration of the office of the presidency over the course of American history. It features some amazingly life-like audio animatronics and some sage wisdom from the likes of Abraham Lincoln. Revisit key moments in United States history through the lens of the presidency. A nice cool place if you need to avoid the heat or rain.

    Verdict? Joe: Sometimes ride (but always ride in the rain!) Leslie: Sometimes ride.

  • Liberty Square Riverboat: You can board this three tier riverboat at the Liberty Square Riverboat landing for a peaceful cruise around the Rivers of America. This beautiful, large paddlewheel boat is a sight to see and a relaxing ride.

    Verdict? Joe: Never ride (though his son keeps begging). Leslie: Sometimes ride.

  • Haunted Mansion: One of the best attractions at Walt Disney World, hands down. This “haunted” house mixes the frightening with the whimsical and takes guests on a spooky ride through a variety of scenes. It’s not really scary, though because it can get dark at times it may frighten young children. Some amazing animatronics and a great soundtrack, make sure this attraction is on your list.

    Verdict? Joe: Always ride. Leslie: Usually ride.


    Liberty Square Guide
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    Dining in Liberty Square

Liberty Square has some of our favorite quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom (a place where we generally find it tough to get something good to eat).

If you’re looking for something unhealthy, head on over to Sleepy Hollow and get the Spicy Chicken Waffle sandwich (hold the spicy sauce if you’re buying for your kids). A fried chicken filet inside a waffle with a sweet and spicy sauce? You can’t go wrong.

For a healthier option, head on over to Joe’s most mentioned restaurant, Columbia Harbor House. You can get grilled salmon, broccoli, or macaroni and cheese (for the unhealthy option!). 

Liberty Tree Tavern is the only table service restaurant in Liberty Square. It serves traditional New England fare that we consider a little bit overpriced, but we’re biased as we’ve both spent quite a bit of time in New England!

Entertainment in Liberty Square

One thing we wanted to highlight in Liberty Square is “Great Moments in American History”, a show that happens a few times a day in Liberty Square. The Muppets present two separate shows: The Declaration of Independence and the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. It’s a very cute and very educational show, well worth your time (unless it’s too hot out!). Check Disney’s website or your My Disney Experience app to find out when it’s playing on a given day.

Merchandise in Liberty Square

Liberty Square has some of our favorite merchandise options in Walt Disney World. The cleverly named Memento Mori is one of the few places you can get Haunted Mansion merchandise and we love the ornaments you can find at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. Definitely check both those locations out!

Episode Description

We visit Liberty Square as we continue our land by land guides. Join us as we discuss the details we love in the land, the attractions, and the history show that we didn’t even realize existed and that we’ve put into our next touring plan. What are your favorite parts of Liberty Square? Any tips or things you enjoy that we missed? Let us know by e-mailing us at disneydeciphered AT gmail DOT com.

Episode Notes

1:21 – Hall of Presidents

3:55 – Liberty Square Riverboat

5:37 – Haunted Mansion

8:36 – Characters and photo ops

9:45 – Great Moments in American History

11:07 – Shops and merchandise

13:19 – Quick service food options

16:00 – Table Service: Liberty Tree Tavern

17:52 – Disney dos and don’ts

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